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The GX1 ENDURO boot is meticulously crafted with cutting-edge technology and design, placing a strong emphasis on protection and performance to ensure immediate step-in comfort. Tailored specifically for the demanding discipline of enduro riding, this boot excels in providing the necessary features for riders navigating diverse and challenging terrains.
The structural support incorporates the ATP (Anti-Torsion Pocket) system, with two lugs sliding inside specifically designed pockets, preventing front and rear overextension while allowing flex in both forward and backward directions.
The boot features a PU-injected front shin plate, anatomically shaped to offer robust support and side air vents keep the foot dry ensuring maximum comfort.
On the inner side, stamped suede ensures exceptional grip on the bike and is heat-resistant, providing optimal control and reliable protection during rides.
The Closure System consists of four lightweight and replaceable buckles, with Velcro on top ensures easy, fast, and precise closure. The first two buckles at the top can be unscrewed and adjusted to accommodate a larger leg or knee brace, offering enhanced versatility.
The internal padding provides a luxurious feel, enhanced by soft foam reinforcements strategically placed around the ankles and instep to ensure long-lasting comfort.
The Gaerne Goodyear Welted artisanal construction, a technique consistently employed by Gaerne since 1962, ensures the creation of a robust and durable sole structure. This commitment to quality craftsmanship and longevity has become a cornerstone of Gaerne motocross boots. Furthermore, this construction method allows for easy resoling, offering an opportunity to breathe new life into the boots. Our unwavering dedication to Goodyear Welted construction is a testament to our commitment to maintaining exceptional standards in our products.
In its ENDURO version, the GX1 boot is equipped with a specialized sole crafted for the demands of enduro riding, providing enhanced traction, durability, and performance.
The GX1 ENDURO boot is CE certified in accordance with EN 13634:2017 and Regulation EU 2016/425.
The GX1 ENDURO boot is proudly Made in Italy.

GX1 ENDURO boot crafted with cutting-edge technology and design for immediate comfort.
ATP (Anti-Torsion Pocket) system prevents overextension while allowing flex in both directions.
PU-injected front shin plate anatomically shaped for robust support; side air vents keep foot dry.
Stamped suede on inner side ensures exceptional grip on bike and is heat-resistant.
Closure System: four lightweight, replaceable buckles with Velcro for easy, precise closure.
Internal padding with soft foam reinforcements for lasting comfort.
Gaerne Goodyear Welted artisanal construction ensures durable sole structure.
Specialized sole crafted for enduro riding, providing enhanced traction, durability, and performance.
Proudly Made in Italy.